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You can now make use of the power of Panopedia's 360° Builder engine, right in your own site, portal, or wherever you choose.

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Empowering your portal with
cutting edge viewing experiences


A 360° experience is one that is almost as close as being physically there. An immersive way of viewing, capturing details that mere photos are unable to, leave your viewers in awe and excitement.


Taking a tour through places your viewers want to be, all from the comfort of their couch. From getting an overview to focusing on minute details, a single Panotour is enough to hook them.


Pictures in motion always catches the human eye way more than static ones. Set the Panorama on loop and autorotate, and your viewers will think they are watching a video that is interactive.

Industry leading
360° builder
right in your portal

We are here to help you grow your business. When you use Panopedia API, you will be transforming your site into a whole new experience for your subscribers. Instead of them looking for third-party 360° Panotour builders to improve their listings, now you can provide this additional service to them. Save time and cost of building new features while taking your product one step ahead of your competitors.

Integrating with ready-built
UI and detailed documentation

Drop-in Modules

Getting started with Panopedia API is fast and easy. All you have to do is to prepare your database and download our drop-in modules that covers you ever step of the way. As long as you have good basics in HTML, you will be up and running in no time.

Integrate with Ease

With our highly detailed documentation for you to integrate and customise the Panotour builder, our technical support team will always be on hand to assist you. With our lead developer always available, whatever help you need, you can always have the solutions.

Proven results for
your subscribers

About Panopedia

First launched in August 2016, and under constant upgrades and development ever since, Panopedia has been at the forefront of the 360° technology. With more than 8,000 Panotours and 64,000 Pano360° Scenes uploaded by our users from all over the world and growing, our popularity and ease of use was never in doubt.

Constantly in development and upgrades, new features and improvement of our products is a never-ending process all the way into the future.

We strongly believe that a 360° experience is one unlike any other, that is why now we have chosen to release our API to the world. By enabling our technology to everyone who wishes to use it, we can all grow together and bring the online experience to the next level.

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